Dear Class Moms,


Your assistance during the Box Top Contests is crucial so the schools can earn money for PTA programs. Please see the instructions below regarding the procedures for each contest. 





  Please make sure to pick up your classroom’s box tops when indicated for each contest. You will have about a week to count & label baggies.


  • Class moms can have their children bring home the box tops as they come in or you can pick them up at school. If your child is bringing home the box tops, please notify the teacher. If you are picking them up please notify the teacher and the office so they are prepared.
  • Class moms will return the sorted, labeled box tops to school by the due date. An email will be sent as a reminder.
  • Class moms should go through the box tops and remove all expired box tops, then group and label them in bags of 50.  Teacher names must be on the bags!  If your last bag of box tops is less than 50, just label it will the total number.  The coordinators will combine them with other classes, once the class tallies are done. 
  • Box tops do not need to be perfectly cut on the dotted line (website states this).
  • Any bonus box top certificates need to be bagged separately and cannot be combined with regular box tops (They will be tallied later by the coordinators and submitted separately).
  • All baggies will be checked for accuracy. Contest winners will be announced at school and on the PTA website. The class at FJS & Central with the most box tops will win an ice cream party.


Thank you for your cooperation and assistance. If you have any questions please email Jen, Central Box Tops Coordinator at or Jackie Tomczyk, FJS Box Tops Coordinator at